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Rehrig Wellness Patient Education Center

Well informed patients make for better outcomes!

At the Rehrig Chiropractic & Wellness Center we strive to educate our patients so that they better understand what it takes to get well and to stay well.  We have periodic educational workshops with Power Point presentations on a variety of health issues.  We also have periodic showings of important documentary films, we call this the RCWC Documentary Theater.  Our RCWC Newsletter contains a section of Educational Links that our readership uses to access topical documentary films.  The RCWC Newsletter content is always focused upon important health issues.  We have a wealth of educational materials that we provide for our patients.

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Dr. Rehrig is available to address your company or organization on health related topics.

Topics of RCWC Health Workshops

Wellness 101

This presentation provides an overview of the Triangle of Health & Wellness, comparing our holistic approach to the allopathic medical paradigm. 

We compare the "Miracles of Nature" vs. the so-called miracles of science . . . organic whole foods vs. genetically engineered foods [GMOs] . . .  and we discuss what is fundamentally wrong with the USDA's food pyramid.  We identify some of worst practices of the food industry that seriously jeopardize the public's health.

Stress - The Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome [Adrenal Burnout]

The vital role(s) of the Adrenal Glands is discussed . . . they are our "stress glands" and stress can wear them down.  Stress is cumulative.  It's not about the stress that you had this morning, or about the stress you had last week or last month . . . it's about the stress that you've had since you've been on the planet!  That's because humans have cognitive memory, and so we carry our stress in our memories and the adrenal glands can't tell the difference.

Anti-Aging Nutrition

In this workshop the factors that lead to premature aging are discussed.  We are all going to age.  It's inevitable.  However we just don't want to get OLD while we are doing it.


Silent Inflammation

A workshop on how to combat silent chronic inflammation.  Silent inflammation attacks the heart, the arteries, and even the brain.  It has been linked to heart disease, cancer, and dementia.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is not about counting calories, because calories don't count.  Eating less and exercising more will not work for the vast majority of those who suffer from excess body fat.  It's all about HORMONES.  In our weight loss presentation we discuss which foods trigger hormones that store fat and which foods trigger hormones that burn fat.  We also discuss what is fundamentally wrong with the USDA food pyramid.