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The Friendly Place for a Chiropractic Adjustment in Media PA

At the Rehrig Chiropractic & Wellness Center, we offer a broad range of gentle techniques for chiropractic adjustments including chiropractic adjustments utilizing applied kinesiology methodology. See what our founder has to say about the role of the chiropractic adjustment in caring for our patients here in Media, PA.

Dr. Rehrig refers to chiropractors as structural engineers of the human body.

It also could well be said that chiropractors are like mechanics for the human body.

. . . and so here is an interesting analogy to ponder.

Mechanical Problems Require Mechanical Solutions

If the valves or piston rods in the engine of your car are not moving according to manufacturer’s specifications, what happens to the moving parts?

THEY WEAR OUT FASTER . . . and eventually they FAIL.

When you hear the TAP – TAP – TAP of the loose valves . . . do you simply pour in an additive so the oil thickens up and you can no longer hear the tapping? In other words, do you just mask the symptoms? What you should do instead is to take the car to your mechanic, who can then “ADJUST” the valves to return them to their manufacturer’s specs BEFORE they prematurely wear out and before they start to affect engine performance.

However, if you do let them go for too long without proper maintenance, allowing them to FAIL you know that you can always replace the valves, but at a much greater expense of course.

Your spine is a biomechanical device. When your spinal joints are stuck, when they are not moving with balanced motion, when they are not functioning according to “THE GREAT MANUFACTURER’s” specs, their parts also wear out prematurely.

That result is labeled as ARTHRITIS, i.e. degenerative joint disease. When your spine parts are not functioning properly, that will affect the performance of your Nervous System. This leads to health issues as well as to pain. Your nervous system controls and coordinates all of your body’s functions.

Remember however that when the spine itself wears out . . . there are NO spinal transplants at any expense.